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Our company deals with production and sale of patented waterproofing system IPT, which is known on the Czech building market for about 10 years. So far, the IPT system has been successfully used to dry out more than 1000 buildings all over the Czech and Slovak Republic. The effectiveness of this system is based on creation of continuous ventilated air gap, from which the moisture is transported outside the building. The basic elements of whole system are insulating ventilated slabs, which can be used not only in the composition of floor structures, but also as vertical waterproofing of underground parts of external walls. The IPT system can be also combined with any method during reconstruction works on moist building structures; however it can be also used in new buildings as prevention against moisture intake. Thanks to its consideration, it is often recommended for use by preservationists during reconstruction works on historical buildings.

Application of IPT system brings several advantages at once:

Insulating ventilated slab is made from high-density polyethylene, which is 100 % water- and vapor proof. Thus, the ground moisture is reliably separated from construction.
Creating of continuous ventilated air gap and suitable design of vents ensure the proper circulation of air. Thus, the ground moisture is taken out of the building together with flowing air.
Thanks to the simplicity of IPT system, sufficient size and low weight of slabs, the assembly is very simple. The edgings of slabs can be easily and quickly connected using an industrial stapler, which allows rapid progress of construction works.
Sufficient thickness and proper material of insulating ventilated slabs ensure their resistance against usual mechanical straining and aggressive agents contained in ground water. Their durability is then estimated up to 50 years.
The production process of insulating ventilated slabs did not create any stuff harmful to the environment. Recycled HDPE used during production process saves the natural resources and is environmental friendly.
Material of insulating ventilated slabs is able to resist the medium radon load. Suitable system design will lead to ventilation of accumulated radon together with moisture. In this case, it is necessary to connect edgings of slabs by hot-air welder.
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